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In Perforaciones Ibicencas S.A. We are specialized in drilling water wells in Ibiza. We have an effective and professional team of experts for this. In addition, we specialize in the assembly of pumping systems and vertical drilling.

The vertical wells are catchments whose purpose is to obtain water by pumping the subsoil and are built by vertical penetration of the work in an aquifer mantle. For its realization, we take into account the depth and diameter of the water well, the drilling method, the intubation and engraving, as well as the sanitary protection. Always, under strict control and surveillance criteria.

More than three decades accumulated in the specialized market of drilling and drilling has allowed us to accumulate a lot of experience in the sector. We have state-of-the-art machinery for drilling, as well as for soundings to collect water and clean wells, among other services.

In Perforaciones Ibicencas S.A. We organize all our work with one maxim: safety. Therefore, we minimize potential risks or losses based on a labor policy that always takes into account the integrity of our workers and is respectful of the environment.
Our commitment is clear with safety, respect for the environment and our water probing processes.

In addition, we are careful to select with the utmost care the materials we use in our constructions and works, in order to avoid the concentration of harmful substances, guaranteeing a healthy water supply.

We offer the best technical means to carry out the drilling of water wells in Ibiza, thus guaranteeing efficient results. Our team of specialists is trained to work in all types of terrain and always performs its work taking into account the requests and needs of our customers

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