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Installation of pumps

In Perforaciones Ibicencas S.A. We are specialized in the installation of pumping systems in Ibiza. In our company we offer our customers the human and technical resources as well as the professional experience to undertake the installation of submersible pumps.

In the market there are pumps for applications in tanks, wells, storage tanks, residential use or gray water pumping. They have a hydraulic design with suction of bottom that is what allows a maximum use of the level of water in the place of installation.

There are also pumps that have a unique hydraulic system that minimizes wear and improves efficiency. They are pumps that are designed, for example, for applications in mechanical and craft wells, residential use, booster systems and residential irrigation. In this type of pumps, the discharge connection and the coupling to the motor can be found in stainless steel or plastic.

In the same way, there are versatile pumps, with vibratory technology, compact design and low energy consumption. Designed for applications such as mechanical and artisanal water wells, cisterns, small irrigation, livestock and reserve tanks. They are economic pumps and with high hydraulic performance.

In addition, our company includes all the necessary accessories to ensure the proper functioning of this type of pumps. Since we opened in the Balearic town of Ibiza, Perforaciones Ibicencas S.A. he has always been concerned about having satisfied customers, working only with the best brands in the hydraulic market.

Among the accessories, there are centrifugal pumps, submersibles and hydraulic accessories for different applications such as valves.

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