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Register and probate legalizations

In Perforaciones Ibicencas S.A. We are specialized in the registration and legalization of soundings in Ibiza. Therefore, we take care of all the procedures of administrative legalization in the execution of the survey. We guarantee that we can advise you from the beginning to the end of the works.

In order to register or legalize a well or sounding, some key conditions must be met, such as groundwater, that is not an aquifer that suffers over-exploitation and that the volume of extraction is of a specific annual minimum. In addition, it must ensure that the use of the water is carried out in the same plot where the well or sounding is located because the water can not be used in another different plot.

In many occasions, the citizen is "lost" before the steps to be taken, what permits he has to request and the organizations to which he must go for the legalization of surveys in Ibiza. We give the possibility to our clients to prepare all the administrative and technical documentation requested by the corresponding Hydrographic Confederation and present it in said organization. The registration or legalization of surveys can be for domestic use, supply, irrigation or cattle trough, etc.

To carry out the legalization of the well or survey in Ibiza, it is only necessary for our clients to provide us with a legalized copy of the deeds of ownership of the plot where the well is located. We take care of everything else avoiding bureaucratic discomfort. Tell us your case and our team of experts will advise you by studying your personal circumstances.

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